Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers 31st National Show
(The Poultry Club Regional Show)
Ossory Showgrounds
Coolfin, Rathdowney
Co. Laois R32 P7F8


11th I.S.P.F. Young Bird Show
(The Poultry Club Regional Show)
Ossory Showgrounds, Emo, Rathdowney, Co.Laois
Saturday 2oth October 2018
Entries close Friday 21st September 2018


30th ISPF National Show
(The Poultry Club Regional Show)
Ossory Showgrounds, Emo, Rathdowney, Co.Laois
Saturday 27th January 2018
Entries close Friday 5th January 2018

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10th ISPF Young Bird Show

Ossory Showgrounds, Coolfin, Rathdowney, Co. Laois
Sunday 22nd October 2017
* Best Large Waterfowl – White Indian Runner Male, Charlie & Heidi Bourke
* Best Bantam Waterfowl – White Call Female, Seamus Kehoe
* Best Large Heavy Soft Feather – Black Orpington Female, Darren Keohane
* Best Bantam Heavy Soft Feather – White Wyandotte Female, Séamus Joy
* Best Large Light Soft Feather – Welsummer Female, Jean Wall
* Best Bantam Light Soft Feather – White Silkie Female, Charlie & Heidi Bourke
* Best Large Rare – Norfolk Grey Female, Brian Gleeson
* Best Bantam Rare – Silver Kraienkoppe Male, John Neill
* Best Large Hard Feather – Brown Red OEG Female, Stephen McCarthy
* Best Bantam Hard Feather – Pyle OEG Male, Eugene & John O’Rourke
* Best True Bantam – Gold Dutch Male, Darren Keohane
* Best Intermediate – Blue Silkie Female, Ciara Sweeney
* Best Junior – Aylesbury Male, Emma Mullarkey
* Best Booted Bantam – Lemon Millefleur, Rebecca Barton
* Champion – White Silkie Bantam Female, Charlie & Heidi Bourke
* Reserve Champion – White Indian Runner Male, Charlie & Heidi Bourke
2017 ISPF National Show – CANCELLED
Saturday 28 January 2017
Gurteen College, Roscrea
9th ISPF Young Bird Show
Saturday 15 October 2016
Gurteen College, Roscrea
Show champion – pile OEG male, Eugene & John O’Rourke
Reserve show champion – large white Wyandotte Female, Patricia Swandel
Large waterfowl – Aylesbury, Eleanor Russell
Bantam waterfowl – white Call, M&R Neill
Heavy bantam – white Wyandotte, M&R Neill
Large light – Auracana Female, Donal McMachon
Light bantam – White Silkie, Brian Callaghan
Large rare – Norfolk grey, Eleanor Russell
Bantam rare – Sumatra, John Neill
Large game – Indian female, Alan Browne
True bantam – gold Dutch, Keiron O’Sullivan
Best eggs – 3 white duck eggs, Martin Farrelly
Best junior – silver Sebright, Ciara McLaughlin
Best intermediate – Large buff Orpington, P&P Robinson


29th ISPF National Show
Saturday 30th January 2016
Gurteen College, Roscrea
Large light – large white Silkie female, Brian Callaghan
Reserve large light – large white Minorca female, Maurice Walsh
Large heavy-large buff Orpington, M&R Neill
Reserve large heavy- large white Wyandotte male, Patricia Swandel
Light bantam – white Leghorn, Charlie Bourke
Reserve light bantam -Welsummer male, J&A Fletcher
Heavy bantam – black German Langshan male, Gordon Walker
Reserve heavy bantam -white Wyandotte female, Kelsey Howard
Best true bantam – silver Sebright female, Trevor Chambers
Reserve true bantam -black tailed white Japanese male, Judith Lyons
Best rare breed -white Sultan male, David Clancy
Reserve rare breed -Andalusian female, Con Lucey
Best bantam hard feather- duckwing Modern male, Trevor Chambers
Reserve bantam hard feather – Old English game, Peter O’Loughlan
Hard feather large -Oxford, Robert Bennett
Reserve large hard feather -Indian game, Tom Bracknell
Best junior -Call duck, Ben Crawford
Reserve best junior – Indian game male, Charlie Bourke
Best intermediate – Saxony duck, Aaron Murphy
Reserve intermediate-black Orpington female, Darren Keohane
waterfowl- German Pekin drake, Tommy and Colin Butler
Reserve waterfowl – mallard Call male, Matthew Kehoe
Best utility – Plymouth Rock female, Jean Wall
Reserve utility – Faverolle male, Patricia Swandel
Best eggs- three white eggs, Martin Farrelly
Reserve eggs -3 Welsummer bantam eggs, J&A fletcher

** show champion**
Large white Silkie female, Brian Callaghan
**reserve show champion**
Black German Langshan male, Gordon walker